Youth hockey program, Arlington MA

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Center Low Defensive Coverage





                                    Defensive Zone Coverage


                                                 3v3 Center Low





The first defenseman pressures the puck carrier.  D1 is trying to do one of three things: a) pin against the boards, b) contain plying the body as the opponent heads towards the net, or c) get the puck and start a breakout.  The center is stacking on D1 from the net out.  The center’s responsibility is to anticipate and a) come in and get the puck and start the breakout, or b) play the offensive forward if D1 is beaten or, c) to defend the next nearest offensive player if they get the puck. D2 is in front of the net.  They are responsible for any player or play that quickly develops in front of the net but must not get tied up with a player in case they need to release if the puck comes to the side of the ice.  In this system, defensemen do not chase a pass, they rotate!!  If a defensemen has contact (stick on body) with an opposing forward who has the puck it’s ok to stay with the player while they maintain possession, but don’t chase them if you lose contact.





The wings responsibilities include the high slot and the opposing defensemen.  The depth of the strong side forward depends on where the puck is.  If it’s below the goal line. The high forward would be between the face-off dot and the top of the circle. If the puck comes up the boards you would engage that player or otherwise is concerned with the point player on that side.  The high forward must not get suckered into the going into the strong side corner!  The Low forward plays in the slot and defends anyone coming into that area of the ice, particularly an opponent’s high forward or defenseman cutting in the back door.





Defense/Center Responsibilities- If the puck goes to the point, all three players look for an opposing player to mark.  It is important that you try to stay goal side and lift up sticks and push bodies out from in front of the net.  On rebounds, play the body!!


Forward Responsibilities- The strong side forward pressures the opposing D from the inside out, trying to deny a d-D pass.  Block the shot if possible.  If the puck is successfully passed D-D, then the low forward would come out to play the puck and the former strong side forward would slide down to be the low forward.