Youth hockey program, Arlington MA

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Arlington Hockey Club Mission

To offer a high quality, affordable opportunity for kids to play hockey.  AHC strives to provide age-appropriate and skill-appropriate player development and coaching.  We strive to build solid foundational skills as part of our travel, developmental and in-house programs, which will enable us to have a strong, sustainable program year after year.


AHC practices USA Hockey's American Development Model, and over 75% of AHC coaches have college or high school hockey experience.

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Resuming AHC Operations and Activities
Dear AHC Families,   With the start of the season and...
September 23 Practices Cancelled
Dear AHC Families:   I'm writing to let you know that...
Resuming AHC Operations and Activities

Dear AHC Families,

With the start of the season and school year, we're already seeing some impacts of COVID-19 in the community (a Peirce teacher has tested positive delaying the in-school start of their school, and a student at Thompson has tested positive, exposing other students at the school).  During these situations, we may have interruptions in practice and game schedules, and appreciate your patience as we try to manage the risks posed by the on-going pandemic.
Our understanding is that all of the necessary contact tracing with regards to exposure to the positive student at Thompson has been completed and we can therefore resume our operations today with the Thursday schedule---that is, if you were scheduled to practice today, you can go to your practice.
Now that the teams have formed and we're beginning play, we want to reiterate our expectations regarding the club COVID protocols and request that you remain diligent in your compliance.  Please:
  • Notify the club if your child has a positive COVID test
  • Keep your child home (and contact us) if they have COVID symptoms or have been exposed to a person infected with COVID
  • Wear masks to and from the rink, and whenever otherwise possible
  • Social distance whenever possible
  • Complete your team's questionnaire (including recording your temperature) for each AHC event (includes all games and practices)
  • Drop your players off and pick them up without entering the rink; if you must enter the rink to help them with their skates or equipment, please minimize your time in the rink and wait outside or in you car
    • There should never be more than one parent per player in the rink 
  • Players should arrive dressed and leave after just removing their skates and helmets
  • Please observe all signs at the rink including:
    • Locker room assignments  (posted on the white board in the lobby--critical as locker rooms are cleaned and sanitized after each use)
    • Traffic flow through rink
    • Designated waiting and distancing areas
We will be monitoring compliance with spot checks throughout the season as we anticipate the town and rink may inspect our procedures and compliance from time to time.  We appreciate your help in keeping everyone in the club and our community safe.
Best Regards,
AHC Board

by posted 09/24/2020
September 23 Practices Cancelled

Dear AHC Families:

I'm writing to let you know that all of today's AHC practices are canceled. We learned today that a child in one of our elementary schools received a positive diagnosis for Coronavirus and that other children have been exposed. While we know that some children have been contacted and are starting to self quarantine, we do not know where the schools are in their process, if everyone has been contacted, or if other children are showing symptoms.  Because of the uncertainty, all practices are cancelled tonight.
The safety of our players and coaches, their families, and our neighbors in the community remains our number one priority. Until we better understand the situation, we want to take necessary precautions to maintain everyone's health. 
Please stay safe and enjoy your evening.
With Regards,
-Michael Raab & AHC Board

by posted 09/23/2020
Brent Williams Scholarship