Youth hockey program, Arlington MA

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Arlington Hockey Club Mission

To offer a high quality, affordable opportunity for kids to play hockey.  AHC strives to provide age-appropriate and skill-appropriate player development and coaching.  We strive to build solid foundational skills as part of our travel, developmental and in-house programs, which will enable us to have a strong, sustainable program year after year.


AHC practices USA Hockey's American Development Model, and over 75% of AHC coaches have college or high school hockey experience.

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2021-2022 AHC Jersey Design Contest
  AHC is inviting designs for the 2021-2022 game jerseys from...
Based on the most recent guidance from the State, current COVID...
2021-2022 AHC Jersey Design Contest


AHC is inviting designs for the 2021-2022 game jerseys from players, coaches, parents, or anyone with an interest.  If you have some artistic ability, or just a good idea, download the jersey design template from the web-site, draw your design on the template and submit a picture or scan by email (or text) to for consideration.  Designs will be evaluated by the board of directors, who will select the winning design for next season's game jersey.  The person submitting the winning design will receive a replica jersey sweatshirt, or club tuition credit in the same amount (AHC reserves the right to edit or modify the winning design as it determines is necessary).  Goodluck and we look forward to seeing your jersey designs!!



The jersey design template can be downloaded at: 

by posted 02/06/2021
Based on the most recent guidance from the State, current COVID protocols for the Burns Rink are as follows:
  • For games that take place at Ed Burns Arena in Arlington, each player may have two adult spectators and their siblings attend the game.
    • Before entering the arena you must sign in
    • All spectators and siblings must wear a face mask at all times, must sit only in bleachers and social distance while at games 
  • Masks are required for all players at all times, including when putting on and taking off their skates and in games, at all rinks in Massachusetts.
  • All locker rooms are closed.
  •   Players must arrive fully dressed at Ed Burns and put their skates/ helmets/ gloves on in the lobby area. After the previous group has fully left the rink area players must then move their bags and all other belongings into the rink area at an unoccupied chair.
  • After the game players should remove only their helmets and skates, put on their face masks, and both players and spectators must leave the rink through the marked side exit door.  
  • No outside gatherings in the rink area are allowed. associated with hockey teams.
                          We thank you for your cooperation AHC Board


by posted 12/01/2020
Brent Williams Scholarship