Parents' Guide and Code of Conduct

Arlington Hockey Club Code of Conduct

The Arlington Hockey Club Code of Conduct is strict and serious in our sport. All people associated with the game are always expected to act with sportsmanship, dignity, and respect for others. This includes coaches, parents, players and referees, and applies both at the rink, opponents' rinks, and elsewhere, outside of the rink.

Poor sportsmanship includes, but is not limited to:

  • Arguing with coaches, officials, teammates, opponents or spectators
  • Using threatening or profane language
  • Baiting or taunting coaches, officials, teammates, opponents or spectators
  • Unsafe play
  • Uncontrolled behavior in the bench area
  • COVID rules violations

Poor sportsmanship will carry, at a minimum, the following consequences:

  • First Offense:  Verbal warning 
  • Second Offense:  Dismissal from the game 
  • Third Offense:  Dismissal from the next game 
  • Fourth Offense:  Dismissal from the team

Any physical contact or material damage with coaches, officials, teammates, opponents or spectators, or their property, not associated with appropriate game play or practices may be grounds for dismissal and further action.

Parent(s) and player(s) must discuss and agree to the Arlington Hockey Club of Conduct, and abide by it at all times, in order to participate. Parent(s) and player(s) understand that there is no refund or recourse for dismissal from our program as a consequence of breaking this Code of Conduct.

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