AHC Guide for Team Managers

Thank you for volunteering to be the Manager of an AHC hockey team. We appreciate your willingness and leadership in helping out with the team and in representing our hockey program. It is the work that you do that helps each team have a safe, organized, fun, and successful year.

The primary responsibility of a Team Manager is working with the head coach to post games and practices and to communicate with team on various matters.

Once assigned to a team you will receive an email explaining what you will be able to do on the team website as a Team Manager. At the bottom of the email, you find a link that will give access to your team’s site.

On the team site in “+EVENTS”, you can add games, practices, and meetings. “TEAM FEED allows communication with the entire Team, just below the title space, you will see the area where you can notify the team. When you “POST” you’ll have 2 choices “Team only” or “Public”.

Clicking on FAMILY CALENDAR will allow you to synchronize your team Calendar with the personal calendars of your team members. The “FAMILY CALENDAR” allows all families to access a single calendar for all of the skaters in their family who are active in the program. 

 To access your team from the AHC home page please click on Teams found on the home page and click on your individual Team (e.g., PeeWee AAA, Squirt A, Bantam AA, etc.) will bring you to your team site. 

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