AHC Instructional & Developmental Hockey Registration is Open

Registration is now open for the Arlington Hockey Clubs Developmental and Instructional hockey programs! 

The Arlington Hockey Club's Instructional and Developmental Programs offer kids a great opportunity to make new friends, develop new skills, and to have fun playing a new sport. Participants do not need to know how to skate---we will teach them! This is a learn as you go program and we are happy to meet your kids where they are in their development. 

The Instructional and Developmental programs are for children aged 4 through 8. These programs are an ideal way for a child to socialize with their peers, learn new skills and develop the confidence and determination that will benefit them throughout their life. 

The Instructional program is the first step into ice hockey and will teach children skating and basic hockey fundamentals. This program usually meets on Saturday mornings (last year it met at 11:50 am) and runs from the end of October through March. The Instructional program is ideal for anyone who is new to skating and hockey. The AHC makes it fun for the kids with on-ice activities (obstacle courses, tag, etc.) and small games (Simon says, follow-the-leader, shootouts, hockey). Kids are placed into small groups to work on individual and team skills but the main goal is to have fun! 

The Developmental program is for the child who has some basic skating skills. It is a more comprehensive program with skills sessions on Saturday mornings and games on Sunday afternoons. We will teach stickhandling, passing, shooting and additional skating skills every Saturday morning and the kids will play half-ice hockey games on Sunday in the late afternoon. Children are assigned to teams with their own individual coaches and unique team uniforms. It's a fun and exciting program that kids love! 

Based on past experience we know one of these programs would be a great experience for your child. We hope to see you on the ice soon!!!