AHC Board Opportunity

Dear AHC Members,

As we move towards the 2023/2024 Season, we are reaching out to solicit your help in running the club. We currently have open the position of Secretary on the AHC Board of Directors and are looking for excellent candidates that would be interested in serving in that capacity.

AHC is a volunteer run, non-profit, organization that is managed by a board of directors. Within the board, there are several positions that provide general organization leadership beyond hockey operations, which include the President, Treasurer, and Secretary. The primary role of the secretary on the AHC board is to work with members in organizing meetings, agendas, and recording minutes of all meetings, in addition to any other responsibilities may be requested from time to time. In the past, the Secretary has also helped organize the club schedule.

Excellent candidates will have the following skills and abilities:

· Be proficient in communicating via email and text, able to keep an electronic calendar, good at taking notes, and be familiar with how to use a spreadsheet and decent computer skills

· Be able to commit to the position for at least three years

· No knowledge of hockey is required, but it may be helpful

Interested candidates should send an email and CV to AHFSCregistrar@gmail.com


-AHC Board of Directors